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Urban Renewal Section

Job Objectives
I. Public Housing Management
Be in charge of Public Housing Resale (pledge, purchase or exchange) Business.
One shall send out a Reminder for Public Housing Household Loans.

II. Housing Subsidy
Be in charge of the operations to apply for integrated housing subsidy.
Be in charge of the operations to apply for Government Housing Subsidies for the Youth.

III. Military Village Reconstruction Business-Consulting

VI. Urban Renewal
Be in charge of Urban renewal regional assignments.
Be in charge of handling government urban renewal business.
One needs to help private urban renewal business through guidance.
Be in charge of the review business for urban renewal.
Be in charge of the drafting and modification of the Urban Renewal Act.
Be in charge of these businesses to get the guidance, aid, consulting, dispute management and supervision management done to promote urban renewal.
Be in charge of the processing public work construction related to urban renewal.
Be in charge of the Urban Renewal Act and Practice Advocacy.

Key Business Plan
Organizer: Urban Renewal Section
TEL: 521-6121 / For Ext. please dial 289, 330, 384, 492, or 495.
I. Be in charge of making the draft on specific and active incentive measures and modifying the relevant regulations in coping with the Autonomy Act.
II. Be in charge of making the draft to simplify the urban renewal mechanism for shortening the examination procedure.
III. Be in charge of making the draft to shift the information of property rights exchange earlier to the summary stage. That is, shift the information to a time for a way to start the conversation with the public and its procedure.
IV. Be in charge of the feasible government-run urban renewal projects to deal with investment invitations for doing the development.
V. For guiding urban re-development with public land resource: One should aim at the urban renewal project with more national or public land, or central subsidy as well as the urban renewal project in the pre-determined area. Start with the government-run urban renewal so that one can better keep track of the schedule for transaction.
VI. Combine with crucial public infrastructure through an entire planning on the large-area public land. Activate the low-degree land use.
VII. Work in cooperation with joining in the illustration meeting to help doing integration by means of the execution of each private urban renewal project. Inspire participation and input from the strength of private business. In this session, the main job is to have a good result in both government-run and private urban renewal projects.
Urban Renewal Business
I. Accept the Urban Renewal Act and regulations consulting.
II. Deal with the business of government-run urban renewal project.
III. Accept business of the private-run urban renewal project. (Self-delimitation unit)
IV. Please visit the Renewal Website in the Dept. of Urban Development, Hsinchu City Government network for more information about a draft and modification on Urban Renewal Act, program building of urban renewal and renewal regional assignment, applied process for the urban renewal project, incentive and review.
V. Urban Renewal correlated work construction
VI. Urban Renewal Act and Practice Advocacy
Renewal Website
Housing Subsidy Application Business
I. Application time for subsidy lodged: The time to apply starts when receiving notice issued by the Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior each year.
II. Subsidy item lodged:
   (I) Rent subsidy: Each household can apply for a maximum of 3,600 NTD each month.
   (II) Subsidized Households of Housing-Purchase Mortgage: The maximum preferential loan amount is 2.2 million NTD.
   (III) House-Repairing Loan Interest Subsidy: The maximum preferential loan amount is 800 thousands NTD.
III. Qualifications and Conditions:
Please visit the link to e-House Internet you found on the website of Construction and Planning Agency Ministry of Interior. Or else, you can visit the website of Dept. of Urban Development, Hsinchu City Government in case of any query.
Public Housing Resale (pledge, purchase, or exchange) Business
Public Housing Resale needs to go through processing according to the Public Housing Act 19:
I. Public housing directly built by government shall be sold, pledged, given, or exchanged along with the base to others after one-year residing in the dwelling. Its purchase, pledge, grant, or exchange person, if qualified as a person to purchase the public housing, shall apply for a public housing loan according to the balance of public housing loan and remaining term of the original person who purchased this. Public housing with a license for usage over 15 years should not be restricted to the previous regulation in terms of selling, pledge, purchase or exchanging the housing and base.
II. For application form, please contact the Public Housing Section, or please call the section staff if you have any query.
Military Village Reconstruction Business
Military Village Reconstruction Project Office TEL: 521-6121 / For Ext. please dial 495 or 5264522.
I. Transact the entrusted business consultation of the construction work in the military village reconstruction.
II. If you have any question about dependent house equity distribution, demolition and compensation, please call ROCAF 499th Tactical Fighter Wing (TEL: 02-23587550), or please call the Military Servicemen Service Office at Armaments Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense R.O.C. (TEL: 02-23587550).
III. For auction information of military village reconstruction vacant house, please visit the website of Hsinchu Office of Central Region Office, National Property Administration of Ministry of Finance:
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Redevelopment of Public Housing

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