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Section of Building Administration

Job Objectives
Construction management business introduction:
  1. Apply for a construction license.
  2. Apply for a miscellaneous (land preparation) license.
  3. Apply for old illegal repairs.
  4. Demolition of the rest of the legal buildings and buildings was completed on the spot.
  5. Land improvement permit filing.
  6. The construction of the license for the construction of the license for construction, extension, change, contract, supervision, and inspector shall be attached.
  7. Apply for a license (including miscellaneous licenses).
  8. Apply for a license copy.
  9. Apply for the use of a license loss replacement.
  10. Building line design map application.
  11. Remove the license application.
  12. Temporary building permits for public facilities.
  13. Construction license prequalification.
  14. Legal space split certification.
  15. Apply for the establishment of an earth and rock resource dumping site.
  16. Distortion to adjust.


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